Thursday, 14 November 2019

MEGA MALLS LIMITED enters into a perpetual partnership with MEGASTORE ONLINE PTY LTD


  • On the 12th day of November 2019 on the Gregorian Common Era calendar:

MEGASTORE ONLINE PTY LTD, an Australian joint-venture body corporate between WHARFWEBSITE PTY LTD and i9 Digital Technologies, has entered into a partnership with MEGA MALLS LIMITED, a Limited Company in New Zealand.

This partnership (officially referred to as the "Agreement") will allow collaboration between the services provided by the two non-competing but similar enterprises. MEGASTORE ONLINE PTY LTD has also acquired a stake in the Shares of MEGA MALLS LIMITED.

AUSSIE MEGA MALL AGENCY PTY LTD, a fully-owned Australian subsidiary of MEGA MALLS LIMITED, is the entity behind - the 'Australian Online Shopping Directory'.  MEGA MALLS LIMITED is also the Company, ultimately, behind - a version of for consumers in the United States of America. MEGA MALLS LIMITED also intends to launch versions of for consumers in Great Britain, New Zealand and the rest of the Planet Earth.