Wednesday, 14 November 2018


The, association has announced that WHARFwebsite will be spun-off as WHARFWEBSITE PTY LTD, an independent proprietary limited company, under Riyan Sharif Fahim ("Riyan Fahim").

WHARFWEBSITE PTY LTD will join the, association and become a licensee of its brand names ('Limelume' and ','). This decision by the, association was backed by Riyan Fahim and the Qavloical Trust.

Riyan Fahim will serve as the Managing Director and CEO of WHARFWEBSITE PTY LTD as of incorporation.

WHARFWEBSITE PTY LTD will acquire assets for an undisclosed amount of cash and stock.


Follow the CEO of WHARFwebsite Pty Ltd on Twitter @WHARFceo

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